When Words Collide

The When Words Collide festival is almost upon us! If you're planning on attending the festival, here's my schedule.

If you're in the Calgary area, even if you're not planning to attend, you can also catch me at the festival guest readings at the Fish Creek Park library on Thursday, August 9 at 7 pm. The 1 pm reading on Friday is open to the public as well.

Stop by and say hi!

Friday 1 PM – Parkland-Bonavista-Willow Park Festival Guest Readings

Friday 4 PM – Canmore Agency for Women in Fantasy / Feminism in Fantasy

Friday 6 PM – Waterton Appropriate Cultural Appropriation

Saturday 10 AM – Parkland An Hour with Erin Lindsey

Saturday 1 PM – Fireside Murder, Murder, Everywhere

Saturday 2 PM – Fireside Historical Research

Sunday 11 AM – Willow Park Live Action Slush – Mystery Edition

Sunday 12 PM – Willow Park Live Action Slush – High Fantasy Edition

Sunday 3 PM – Willow Park Live Action Slush – Urban Fantasy Edition

Sunday 4 PM – Fireside Characters in Historical Fiction

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