Erin Lindsey


Rose Gallagher dreams of being more than just a housemaid. When her dashing boss, Mr. Wiltshire, suddenly disappears and a ghostly apparition takes form, Rose’s life takes a surprising new turn as she ventures from the marble palaces of Fifth Avenue to the sordid streets of Five Points.

“With a strong, likable heroine and a well-drawn cast of characters, this highly recommended romp through nineteenth century New York will have readers clamoring for the next installment.” ―Library Journal (Starred Review)


Only a few months ago, Rose Gallagher was just another poor Irish housemaid. Now, she’s learning to shoot a gun and throw a grown man over her shoulder. When an assassin targets mayoral candidate Theodore Roosevelt, Rose is on the case. But this killer has shocking abilities, and hunting him down will take Rose and her partner from brownstones to ballrooms to Bowery saloons.

“A rousing paranormal adventure.” —Kirkus

"Fans of paranormal historicals will be well satisfied.” —Publishers Weekly

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